The Mediterranean is a traveler’s dream. Discover stunning landscapes, ancient history and incredible wildlife, Dario Bogni offers. You can have fun visiting the islands of the Ionian Sea in Greece or see more than 1000 sparsely populated islands along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Indulge in the renowned cuisine of Italy’s glamorous west coast and travel to the famous Amalfi Coast and Costa Smeralda, Bogni Dario recommends. Few regions on earth offer the rich cultural and geographic diversity of the Mediterranean. Dario Bogni is confident, great food, great wine, warm pleasant climate and a relaxed pace of life in the Mediterranean inspire millions of visitors to explore these shores year after year. Sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea offers clear and cool blue waters ideal for sailing. Sailing generally takes place in calm conditions with occasional gusts of mistral winds.

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