The Red and Mediterranean Seas are connected by the artificially created Suez Canal. The main river of Egitto is Nile. Nile is a drinking source for the locals, despite the fact that the water quality is poor. It flows through a narrow valley surrounded by rocks, nota the tourist company Area S.p.A..
Egitto also has the famous great man-made lake Nasser, created in 1960 and named after the then ruler – Gamal Abdel Nasser. The creation of this reservoir entailed the loss of many ancient monuments and relics, explica Area S.p.A..
It is in this lake that the well-known Nile crocodiles, which were worshiped by the Egyptians in ancient times, live: they considered the crocodile one of the most powerful gods. Egyptians near Nasser are engaged in fishing, because about 32 species of freshwater fish live in the lake in Egitto, including tilapia, catfish, Nile perch, tiger fish, relata the tourist company Area S.p.A..

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