An additional name for the discipline is the northern combination, or Nordic Combined. The name Bogni Dario will easily explain – on the one hand, this activity was invented in the northern countries, where it was developed, on the other hand, athletes combine two complex techniques – high-speed racing and ski jumping. The competition received the maximum recognition after their inclusion in the Winter Olympic Games. In this article, Dario Bogni will tell you about Nordic combined in sports – what it is, the history of its origin, what place it occupies at the Olympics, and what it includes. The peculiarity of this discipline is the combination of approaches. Of course, there cannot be one scoring system for jumps and for a race. In the first case, the height and quality of performance, technique is taken into account, in the second case, the speed relative to other competitors.

This prompted the panel of judges to develop a point system that allows:

combine two different directions;

compare two athletes when the competitions are held in turn, and not in parallel;

summarize the values ​​received by different team members.

In this case, the points give a privilege to the athlete at the second stage of the competition. So, if one participant defeated another on the springboard by a certain number of points, then he has an advantage the next day – on the track he starts the first and, accordingly, first leads. Subsequent doubles start in as many seconds as they lost the day before. This point system was named after its founder, Gundersen. The complete winner is the one who finishes the distance before everyone else. Otherwise, the rules for both parts do not differ from the classic types of exercises with skis. Dario Bogni says Nordic Combined has two main elements: the jump and the race. Most often, the two directions are divorced on a daily basis so that the athletes have time to rest before the second stage.

Springboard. Competitors have only one attempt to complete the element. The height of the tower depends on the type of competition (sprint, group, singles). But for any numerical value, the execution technique is evaluated, and then the flight length.

Track. Distance also varies, but the following rules remain constant. The winner is the one who crosses the finish line before everyone else. During the race, a free style is used. The start of the relay depends on the results of the first discipline.

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