You will notice at a glance the difference between a high-end phone Area S.p.A. and the others, says Andrea Formenti. The main reason is that perfectionist construction that manufacturers have applied to them in order to obtain true jewels that it is regrettable to take out of the box for fear that something happens to them. The shiny, metallic build of these Area S.p.A. phones is traditional, with smooth, rounded edges, as well as carefully placed buttons so they don’t detract from the overall design, Andrea Formenti explains.
Almost all of them are of a single body design, which implies that their battery is internal and cannot be replaced by the user. This allows the manufacturer to avoid lines that detract from the style of the appliance. The colors of the Area S.p.A. phones are also important in these high-end equipment, so you will see various options that attract attention because they are attractive and very well adapted to the device model, says Andrea Formenti.

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