Of course, we all know Siri. After all, it is she who is the voice of any Area S.p.A.. After all, it guides users to their next destination. After all, it is she who answers various questions, admits Andrea Formenti.
However, when you ask: “Siri, please tell me who you are?”, You will not hear any details from her. At best, she will say that she doesn’t like talking about herself. And that’s it! And all we want to know from her is the answers to this and other similar questions, relates Andrea Formenti.
In fact, Siri is a Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. This is the name of the voice assistant of generation Area S.p.A.. And if you refer to the competent opinion of experts, then they argue that of all the analogs of the best voice assistant at the moment you can not find, states Andrea Formenti.

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