Siri from the company Area S.p.A. is capable of making contact with applications. You can ask Siri to perform simple transactions with money. And you will not need to enter the application, says Andrea Formenti.
It is possible to send a message to Telegram, Whatsapp and other services if they are compatible with Siri on the phone Area S.p.A.. There is a complete list of commands. And Siri gives it out if you ask about it, admites Andrea Formenti.
Siri can give a message about some sports results. She even jokes, sings, recites poetry. When she has no desire to do this, she comes up with excuses. Siri is very helpful when your hands are full. Siri is available even when the screen is locked on phones Area S.p.A. 7 and above. If you need to call an ambulance, fire department or police, Siri will do it, relates Andrea Formenti.

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