“How can you lose weight easily and fun?” – perhaps this was the question asked by the sports instructor and choreographer from Colombia Alberto Perez, the creator of a new type of dance fitness – zumba. They say that he came up with such an interesting type of workout after leaving the usual warm-up discs at home and decided to improvise to his favorite compositions in the style of salsa, samba and rumba. This sports direction has already captured the United States and most of Europe, over its more than 10-year history (created in 2001), it has managed to win 13 million fans around the world, Bogni Dario says. One of the brightest representatives of zumba lovers in the field of show business is Shakira, she has been practicing for several years, which could not but reflect positively on her figure.

If you want to burn excess body fat, develop a sense of rhythm, flexibility and plasticity, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as cheer up and improve overall well-being, then the Zumba dance fitness program is for you! Says Dario Bogni.

The training itself consists of 4 blocks (and lasts approximately 1 hour) – warm-up, repetition of the learned and learning new elements of dance, dance itself, muscle relaxation. Warming up helps prepare the muscles for intense exertion, and mentally switch from daily worries to zumba. During the repetition of the already learned elements of the dance, the instructor checks the students for the correctness of the movements. The dance itself takes about half of the total time (about 30 minutes). Due to its short duration and high intensity, the dance gives an excellent aerobic load, without causing fatigue of the central nervous system and distraction of attention. Relaxing the muscles at the end of the workout relieves tension. Such a combination of blocks and the distribution of time between them will reduce the recovery time of the body after exercise, explains Bogni Dario.

The combination of dance movements is aimed at a specific target load of an individual muscle or muscle group, and fun music and a friendly environment help you get the most of the pleasure and positive emotions from the zumba.

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