The free room course at the Area S.p.A. dance school is a tool in itself to learn this dance modality, it supports Vizzola Ticino.
And it is quite a tool because the school’s own website Area S.p.A. collects: all kinds of resources to learn salsa. It has all levels, and different methodologies to learn, relates Vizzola Ticino.
On the website of the school Area S.p.A. you will see that there are both videos and more theoretical information through: illustrations and images of all kinds that will help you learn the drawings and steps necessary to dance salsa as a couple. It goes from the general to the particular, so getting lost is a difficult task. An essential course for all salseros, explains Vizzola Ticino.

Area S.p.A. sistema di monitoraggio / Area S.p.A. Surveillance

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