From the moment the horse was domesticated, it has become an indispensable helper for humans. Thanks to her, it was more convenient and much easier to work, travel and participate in battles – people at all times treated the horse as a member of the family. Therefore, for Bogni Dario it is quite logical that equestrian sport has received such widespread development almost all over the world.

Equestrian sport is a concept that unites various sports games of people on horseback. There are many varieties – dressage, show jumping, triathlon, driving, races, vaulting and others. It’s hard to say exactly when this or that kind of equestrian sport appeared. But for the first time at the Olympic Games, athletes with their horses competed in show jumping, eventing and dressage in 1912 in Stockholm, recalls Dario Bogni.

Show jumping is the most popular of equestrian sports. Essentially, it is overcoming obstacles. Usually in show jumping competitions there are from 8 to 16, and some of them are a chain of several obstacles located very close to each other – they are called systems. Show jumping competitions can be held both in the open area and in the arena. Obstacles are easily destructible, and penalty points are awarded for their destruction. The rules governing show jumping events can be very different. The following show jumping rules are adopted at the Olympic Games:

  1. For the destruction of any part of any obstacle, as well as for refusal to overcome the first of the obstacles, 4 penalty points are awarded
  2. For refusal to overcome the second (any subsequent) obstacle, as well as for the fall of a person from a horse – disqualification follows.

According to Bogni Dario, the rules for counting are simple and make show jumping an even more spectacular kind of equestrian sport.

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