America, a nation which once championed free speech, has evolved into one of the world’s most authoritarian mass-censors — RT Op-ed

Brett Sinclair is an author, artist, historian, op-ed writer and blogger who has worked for several national magazines in Canada and international media. The elites of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Capitol Hill act as the true overlords of Western thought, guarding the borders of allowable speech. How on earth did...

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Leaked files expose London’s cloak-and-dagger scheming to secure the permanent divorce of Kosovo from Serbia — RT Op-ed

Documents have revealed Whitehall’s multimillion-pound involvement in efforts to increase support for Kosovo’s national government among the Serbs, proving once again Britain cannot resist flexing its neocolonial muscles. In September 2020, Pristina and Belgrade agreed to normalize economic relations, in a move hailed by the mainstream media as historic. However, the concord...

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Biden’s deal to end the US combat mission in Iraq is just window dressing to give the illusion of an end to that ‘forever war’ — RT Op-ed

Washington’s agreement to cease ‘direct fighting’ is a long way from a troop withdrawal. The reality is, America has no intention of pulling out of Iraq anytime soon as it is far too important to their real aim of containing Iran. Iraq is a nation steeped in American controversy, epitomising...

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More censorship, please! Brits’ desire to ban ‘offensive’ books shows they haven’t learned the horrifying lessons of the past — RT Op-ed

Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit. A shocking report reveals that 40% of British adults would support the state banning books deemed to contain sexist, homophobic, or...

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The scandal of foreign interference in Washington is not Russiagate, but UAE-gate. But Democrats don’t care because it’s not Putin — RT Op-ed

The revelation that a close aide of President Trump was allegedly an agent of the United Arab Emirates shows just how clever Abu Dhabi’s been at restructuring America’s Middle East foreign policy. Where’s the outcry? Thomas Barrack, indicted last week for alleged illegal lobbying on behalf of the United Arab...

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